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Anything Goes... Except it Doesn't

A point was raised recently in a comment on my last article on why can't we just break the rules in the 21st century. Why stick to traditions?  The answer, in short, is not merely blind obedience to rules. It's because it they have proven to look good on so many people over time.

I've experimented with my clothing a bit over the years and found that while it's not good to look completely out of time -- I wear trim fitting clothing with medium rise trousers -- it's not good to just follow fashions or pair anything with anything one feels like at the moment either.

A Savile Row suit from 2017 is still going to look different than a Savile Row suit from 1937. Even most of those tailors have changed their platonic ideals over time to something that looks classic but not dated, which is the important distinction. You'll note, for example, that Anthony Sinclair's default house style has wider lapels than in 1960s, when Sean Connery was the most prominent client. …

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