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The Crown -- Alex Jennings as the Duke of Windsor

I've been covering some clothing from a few films that I think serve as good examples of subtly updated yet still classic menswear. But here I'm going to take a critical look at the past with the Netflix-produced series The Crown. The series portrays the first few years of the rule of Elizabeth II, current Queen of the United Kingdom. The Crown's costume designer, Michele Clapton, is perhaps best known for her work on the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

Like many historical dramas it has a few inaccuracies, often for the sake of expedience. One of these is something that most people will not notice. The men's costuming is generally adequate, but one character's costumes were rather different from what the real-life person wore in some respects. That is Edward, Duke of Windsor, the former and oft-reviled King who abdicated in one of the biggest royal scandals of the 20th century. Shortly after, George VI would inherit the throne but pass away just over 15 years …

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